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Scotswood Bridge in the UK

Explore Blaydon and Winlaton and the surrounding area in the northeast of England
This site is dedicated to people who have lived in the area and may look back to times of old

Information about the area

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1962 Blaydon Races via youtube
children playing in the a street of Blaydon---Demolition of Blaydon---Holiday break

Blaydon and Winlaton in the 1960s inluding photo,s of the 1962 blaydon race centenary   
Blaydon and Winlaton in the 1960s...New 19/03.2002... Slide Show
35 second Video of Blaydon town centre in the 1960s. 0.96MB
2 minute Video of children playing in Blaydon street in the 1960s. 3.24MB
A Personal photo collection. People I know of the area
A Personal photo collection. People I know of the area... Slide Show

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