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Sandra and Frank Gillings wedding 1967 Margaret Gilhespie (Jarwick) Margaret Gilhespie with daughter Margaret. Right Frank Gillings Sandra Gilhespie (now Gillings )and right her father Harry Sandra Gilhespie (Gillings)
Sandra and Frank Gillings Derek, Sandra, Frank Gillings and Harry Gilhespie. Wedding Day Michelle and Amanda Jones Doreen and Harry Gilhespie Amanda and Michelle Jones
Michelle and Amanda Jones at Tynemouth untitled110 Benjaman Gillings Tom Harrihill, Ted Gillings, Billy Bullock, Benny Gillings, Joe Dyer Unknown, Frank Wardle
Sandra and Frank Gillings Margaret Wardle Ted,Benny,Frank,Betty (Gillings) Sandra Gilhespie left of Frank and Parents. Ted Gillings on the right Benjaman Gillings
Betty Gillings Frank Gillings and Amanda Jones Frank Wardle Gillings untitled121 Joe and Vera Dyer Wife, Marjorie and Benny Gillings. wife, Sandra and Frank Gillings. wife
Frances Gillings (Tansi) at Pontins Ted Gillings Myra and Frances Gillings at 7 Hazel Rd Benjaman Gillings Frances Gillings at Pontins
Myra Gillings Frances Gillings (Tansi) Michelle and Amanda Jones at Tynemouth Jack, unknown, Benjaman, Tommy, Benny Gillings George and Marion Wardle
Frances W Gillings (Tansi) Freda and David Wardle Benny and Francis Gillings Benny and Frances Gillings. Mabel and Fred Johnson Frank Wardle Gillings
Mary J Gillings Frances and husband Benny Gillings James Gillings, Ted's son Mary and son John Gillings Maureen Gillings ( Teds wife ) and her father James Alfred Eason
Frank Wilson Wardle and wife Margaret Marjorie Gillings ( Benny's wife ) Sandra Gillings ( Franks wife ) Tina and Tinker at Tynemouth Tina (ill)
The Gillings brothers... Benny, Ted, Frank, unknown Frances Wilson Gillings Tommy and Myra Gillings with family Amanda and Michelle Jones Myra, Frances, Benny, Tommy, ( Gillings )
Frances, Myra, Mary, Jacky, Tommy, Benny. ( Gillings ) Billy Parker and Betty Gillings now Parker untitled153 Jake Gilhespie Sandra and Frank Gillings with Jake Gilhespie
Margaret Wardle and Jean Wardle Sandra gillings and James Gillings. Ted's son Ted Gillings (topless)Frank Gillings (Glasses)Frances Gillings.Joan Bullock (Pontins) Ann and Ted Gillings. Amanda Jones
Unknown, Sandra Gillings and brother Harry Gillhespie Pirate Denis Jarwick with Indian Frank Gillings Denis Jarwick with wife Margaret Margaret Jarwick with Sandra Gillings ( Franks wife ) Doreen and Harry Gillhespie
Mary and husband Jack Jones with Denis Jarwick Harry Gilhespie and family. Sandra, Harry and Christine Sandra,Margaret,Christine,Harry and Mary(Gilhespie's) James Gillings Tina and Tinker with Joanne Parker and James Gillings
Michelle and Amanda Jones Rosella Easton and Frances Gillings Jason, Jessica and Michelle Burke Benny Henry Bristo Gillings untitled173
Susan Parker The Gillings twins. Tom and Graham or Graham and Tom untitled18 untitled180 untitled181
Benny and Frances Gillings Benny Gillings and Ted Wardle Benny and Wife Frances with Tommy and Myra with twins ( Gillings) James Gillings and Rosella Easton George Wardle and the love of his life
Gary Parker and Joanne Parker The Gillings at Pontins Charlie, Christine and Charlotte Burns Mrs Frances Gillings Caron, Susan and Christine Parker
Benny Gillings (7 Hazel Road ) Betty Gillings with daughter Susan Paula Gillings ( Benny's daughter) Joanne Parker Christine and Steve's wedding Reception
Benny Gillings (7 Hazel Road ) Myra Gillings ( Tommy's wife ) Joanne Parker, Tina and Frances Gillings Sandra Gilhespie 16years with boyfriend Frank 21years ( Now, Mrs and Mr Gillings ) Benny Gillings (7 Hazel Road )
Elaine Wardle Left. Marjorie married to Benny. Frances and Paula Gillings Betty Gillings later married to Billy Parker Kara and Rachael Attiwell at Tynemouth Sandra Gillings ( Amanda and Harry Gilhespie )( Jacky, Amanda and Mary Jones )
Paula, Ted, and Marjorie Gillings ( Benny's wife ) Sandra Gillings married to Frank Harry Gilhespie with son Jake Sandra Gilhespie (Gillings) Doreen Gilhespie Sandra's mother and Joy Brown
Frank Gillings with inlaws Wedding of ( Michelle Jones ) and Jason Burke Inlaws Frances Gillings and Harry Gilhespie ( Sandra and Frank Gillings wedding ) Sandra Gillings, Denis Jarwick and Magaret Gilhespie
The Wedding of Ann and Ted Gillings Sandra Gilhespie ( Gillings) Frank Gillings and Sandra Gilhespie ( Derwent Water) Sandra Gillings and Margaret Jarwick Betty and Benny Gillings
Benny, Tracy, Terry and Marjorie Gillings Katrina, renamed Katrina Gillings Ted Gillings, Susan Parker and Rex Sandra Gillings, Unknown Joan, Meggie and Billy Bullock
James and Ted Gillings Mary and Jack Jones Michelle Jones Terry and Paula Gillings Margaret Wardle at Pontins Holiday Camp
George and Marion Wardle Frank Gillings, Mr and Mrs Harrihill Sandra and Frank Gillings Frank Wardle Gillings Elaine Wardle
Sandra Gillings and Ann Joy and Billy Brown Amanda Jones, Kara and Rachelle Attiwell Amanda Jones Amanda and Michelle Jones
Amanda Jones Unknown, Frances and Benny Gillings, Unknown Collin Myra Gillings Susan Parker
Unknown. John Young, married to Paula Gillings Ann and Christine Parker untitled328 Frances Gillings and top Julie Bullock and right Freda Wardle Frank Wardle
Benny Gillings Frank Wardle Gillings, Winlaton Mill 1961 Frances Gillings aged 18 years Benny Gillings Benny and Frances Gillings
Joy Brown Denis Jarwick Left. Margaret Gilhespie at Blaydon East Modern School Jessica Burk Christine and Steve's wedding reception
Yumi and Graham Gillings Kelly and James Gillings Michelle Jones and Tinker Frances Gillings with the grandchildren the Parkers Sandra Gillings married to Frank
Michelle, Jason, Joan and Dave Ted Gillings Betty and her mother Frances Gillings at 7 Hazel Road Joe Bullock and right Benny Gilling at Cullercoats with families Christine Gilhespie
Margaret Gilhespie Maureen and Ted Gillings Margaret Gilhespie Margaret Gilhespie Sandra, married to Frank Gillings
Doreen White ( Gilhespie ) Doreen and Harry Gillespie Margaret Gilhespie Sandra Gilhespie married Frank Gillings Billy Bullock and lower Frank Gillings at Stockfield
Sandra Gillings and Ann on Derwent Water Fred and wife Mabel_Johnson Benny Gillings junior Joe Dyer and Benny Gillings Joe Dyer and wife Mary
Joe Dyer in Blaydon Street Tommy and Myra Gillings Derek, Maureen, Evelyn, and Kathleen

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